The Hotel School’s Professional Learning Centre (PLC) team is dedicated to providing students with unique opportunities to improve their employability and industry knowledge.

In 2017 the Professional Learning Centre advertised 6000+ industry experience opportunities to students. These included work experience, volunteer work, job vacancies, and Internships, and were in addition to the opportunities available via industry networking events, and annual Careers Expo.

In 2016, our Professional Learning Centre team conducted graduates desk research. One of the exciting outcomes of this was that 91% of our graduates got a job within six months of graduation, and a whopping 60% got hired before they even finished!

Tourism industry statistics

According to the World and Travel Tourism Council by 2027, Travel & Tourism will account for 138,086,000 jobs directly worldwide, an increase of 2.2% pa over the next ten years. If we look at Australia alone, according to  Deloitte’s Australian Tourism Labour Force Report 2015-2020. it is expected Australia will need 123,125 new workers (including 59,594 skilled workers) will need to be sourced in the tourism industry (an increase of 4.1% per year)

The Hotel School Job outcome Statistics

PLC activities are open to all students at The Hotel School and include professional development courses, on-site visits, workshops and industry guest speakers. The PLC team is constantly striving to provide new and exciting opportunities for students.

Some PLC activities include:

  • Hayman Island Taster field trip

    See firsthand what it’s like to work and live on an island paradise. A unique and amazing 4-day work and guest experience at this Mulpha-owned resort are perfectly designed for those considering a career in resorts.

  • Singapore field trip

    Visit the island nation and experience the world-class Singapore hospitality industry for yourself while engaging with exclusive industry providers.

  • Leadership Speaker Series

    Access to senior industry leaders with our regular leadership speaker series. Talks like “check in; check out” with general managers of various hotels sharing their industry knowledge with students.

  • Manager-for-a-Day

    Find out what it’s like to be a manager as you shadow a manager in a 4-5 star hotel, including the Mulpha owned InterContinental Sydney for a day. Get an insider’s view of what a manager does on a daily basis in a hotel.

  • Winery tour

    Learn from professional winemakers and learn how wine is made at wineries like Bimbadgen and Rochford. Participate in a structured wine tasting and learn about wine styles and regions.

  • Brewery visit

    Go on a beer expedition with local brewers to understand how the brewing process takes place and see a brewery in action.

  • Mock interviews

    Be interviewed by an industry professional and receive feedback on performance to help with the ‘real thing’.

  • Stadium tours

    Visit stadiums like ANZ or Etihad stadium during a major game day and move around the venue to observe functional areas. You’ll get a greater understanding of what is involved in running large events.

  • RSA course

    Obtain your Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certification to be permitted to work in a licenced premises.

  • Skills2Work Food and Beverage course

    A must-do course to prepare you for any role in food and beverage. Learn the necessary skills to help you get a job!

  • Barista course

    With espresso coffee machines in every café, bar and restaurant, an introduction to espresso coffee will help you find work, as well as develop the knowledge to progress to more complex aspects of espresso making.