The Hotel School offers students an opportunity to integrate theory with the practice and responsibility of the professional workplace through our internship program.

Internships are integrated into the Bachelor of Business in Hotel Management and Master of International Tourism and Hotel Management courses. They are a unique part of our degrees, designed to assist in working out which career pathway is best suited to you and to add valuable experience to your career. Internships may be undertaken within Australia or internationally. Students may gain experience in any sector of tourism and hospitality and must accrue a minimum of 6 months and 600 hours practical workplace experience (undergraduate internship) or 10 weeks and 300 hours (postgraduate internship).

Benefits of internships:

  • Work in a high-level hospitality and tourism business

    The Hotel School has connections to leading hotels, resorts, restaurants and other hospitality and tourism organisations that will help you take your classroom skills into the workplace.

  • Further develop skills learned in class or from past experience

    The skills you develop in the classroom, as well as from other hospitality experience, will be invaluable as you’ll be able to hit the ground running in a professional hotel workplace.

  • Improve your personal skills

    Time management, punctuality, personal presentation and organisation and communication skills are all vital to working in tourism and hospitality.

  • Experience and learn from different operational styles

    Your experience will grow from every different work situation as you understand different management styles and systems.

  • Grow your network of industry contacts

    Everyone you meet could be an invaluable contact as you progress through your career in the global tourism and hospitality industry.

  • Gain invaluable experience for your resume

    Work experience is key to getting the job. Just like transferring your skills from the classroom to internships, your employers will expect you to know how to work and conduct yourself in a professional environment.

Mulpha Internships

A selection of Mulpha-owned properties located in Australia and Internationally offer opportunities to our students undertaking the Professional Hospitality Experience 6-month Internship program.

These Internships have been designed in consultation with these properties, and offer students:

  • the opportunity to gain experience in 2-3 departments during the 6-month program,
  • a dedicated workplace mentor,
  • periodic progress meetings,
  • observation of ‘behind-the-scenes’ management tasks,
  • project work, and
  • (in some locations) a dedicated space on-site for completing the academic requirements.

These properties host our students with the view to continued employment upon successful completion of their Internship program.


NEW FREE Graduate Placement Service

The Tourism and Hospitality industry has endless career opportunities, and finding the right role when you graduate is important.

Our free graduate placement service is available to all students and is also accessible for up to 12 months after graduation. It provides practical support in securing graduate employment.

You will have access to over 6,000 employment opportunities*, as well as a personalised career consultancy service to help you:

  • Identify your skills and strengths, and areas you want to work on
  • Research organisations and career paths
  • Identify suitable job opportunities, aligned with your career plan
  • Prepare your resume and cover letter
  • Practise your interview skills and make a positive ‘first impression’
  • Create your online profile so that you are visible to employers

Our Career Consultants will work with you, to ensure that you are confident in applying for, and successfully securing the right graduate role.

As an added bonus, ongoing support will be provided for the first 6 months once you’ve secured and commenced your graduate role.

*Based on 2017 vacancies advertised through The Hotel School online career portal.

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